Pool Installation Timeline

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Your New Pool Timeline

Embark on your journey to a refreshing oasis with our streamlined pool construction timeline. From painting the picture to completion, we guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Upon execution of your contract, we will provide you a timeline with specific dates for your project (weather contingent, of course). Depending on the time of year, we can complete pool design and installation in as little as 6 weeks!

Keep in mind, our commitment to our clients doesn’t end with construction. At Duran Pools and Spas, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your pool in pristine condition year-round. From routine cleanings to equipment servicing, we’re here to ensure your continued enjoyment. We consider each of our clients part of the Duran family and look forward to working with you for many years to come.

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1. Design Pool

Meet with Pool Designer and use NPT Backyard app to visualize space.

4. Rebar

Lay steel.

7. Tile & Coping
(30% due)

10. Plaster Day
(10% due)

2. Sign Contract
(30% due)

Begin acquiring permits.

5. Electrical & Plumbing

Route electrical and plumbing.

8. Concrete
Pool Decking

Finish with a nice deck or patio.

11. Start Up &
Pool School

Learn how to maintain your new pool.

3. Dig Day

Break ground for pool installation.

6. Gunite
(30% due)

9. Final Clean-up

12. Put on your suit &
Go for a dive!

You can finally enjoy your backyard oasis!